Dairy-free, Caffeine-free Pumpkin Spice Latte

I fell in love with fall while living in Williamsburg, VA. I have the fondest memories of my time there. The falling tri-colored leaves, the warm soups, the laughter of friends & family, and my… View Post

I’m Not Okay! Taking the Shame Out of Asking for Help

My oldest son started taking group tennis lessons a few weeks ago.  It’s exciting to watch him discover the wonderful world of tennis, as it is the sport that I played growing up. What’s not… View Post

It’s in the Comfort: 3 Tips to Becoming More Confident

I have spent years trying to become more confident. So many times I’ve walked out of the house, got tons of compliments and yet was paranoid everywhere I went that a hair was out of… View Post

How to Forgive For Real For Real

Months ago, I was having dinner with a close friend. I began opening up to her about some things I went through in my childhood. “Ohhhhh wow,” she exclaimed. “That makes so much sense! That’s… View Post

3 Tools I Use to Understand the Bible

Can we be honest with each other? The Bible is hard to understand at times. There’s a gap in the time period, cultural customs, and, if you’re reading certain versions of the Bible, there’s a… View Post


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