How to Cope with Grief: 3 God-given Promises to Remember

I’ve been putting off this post for months. To write about grief means to face it–to acknowledge the pain, anger and fear I’ve been avoiding. To give it words is to confess that the people… View Post

A Practical Study Tool for Knowing God Better

Eternal life is not defined by living forever. At least not according to Jesus. In John 17: 3, eternal life is actually defined as knowing God. Seems simple right? It’s not. And I’ll illustrate why.… View Post

How to Handle Things that Make You Feel Powerless

Last week, one of my students reached out to me for help. As I listened to her speak, it became increasingly clear that she had very little control over her life circumstance. And the more… View Post

How to Forgive For Real For Real

Months ago, I was having dinner with a close friend. I began opening up to her about some things I went through in my childhood. “Ohhhhh wow,” she exclaimed. “That makes so much sense! That’s… View Post

3 Tools I Use to Understand the Bible

Can we be honest with each other? The Bible is hard to understand at times. There’s a gap in the time period, cultural customs, and, if you’re reading certain versions of the Bible, there’s a… View Post


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