Want Beautiful, Luscious Skin? Go Back to Eden with this Black-Owned Skincare and Soap Brand

What better feeling is there than to feel clean and smell good? There are so many skincare products on the market boasting in their ability to transform your skin. But do they really deliver? My… View Post

Style Inspiration: 3 Valentine’s Day Vibes

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Whether you are cozying up at dinner with a handsome date or having a fun night out with friends, you and I both know that there’s only one thing that’s… View Post

The Top 3 Most Attractive Qualities in a Woman

In the year 2000, a charming, romantic comedy called “What Women Want” was released in theaters. The main character, played by Mel Gibson, gets the ability to hear what women are thinking. At first, he… View Post

It’s in the Comfort: 3 Tips to Becoming More Confident

I have spent years trying to become more confident. So many times I’ve walked out of the house, got tons of compliments and yet was paranoid everywhere I went that a hair was out of… View Post


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