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Since launching my blog and brand in August of 2020, my follower count has quadrupled. I’ve created engaging and entertaining reels, including one with 495K views. I’ve been featured on pages such as Johnie Jay’s World and Blessed Afrique Boutique. I’ve been offered several paid opportunities as a patient advocate and was a summit speaker for Jenell Stewart’s LearnFromHer Summit. In spite of all that, my proudest accomplishment is the community I’ve built online, particularly surrounding my morning walks. People from around the globe are encouraged by the IGTV videos I create.

Here is the impact of what so many have termed my “walk and talks:”

Sis!!! I needed this!!! I feel like I’m at my breaking point but God always sends me a net (through your words) to keep stretching my faith and BELIEVE! Whew! I feel like I’ve been in the longest battle of my life! I’m gonna keep fighting sis through prayer! I know I’ve already won! Love you! thank YOUU so much!


Geez! I got chills on this! Lord have mercy! This was HEARTY! Thank you so much for these tools and takeaways! Wow! Thank YOU! God spoke through you once again!


Woooow!!! I needed to hear this TUH-DAY! I am seeking clarity on delivering very specific scriptures in my e-book, and now I know that as I begin AND finish (Amen!) it should not be with the idea that it is perfect, but that it is exactly what I need to write and share. Thank you friend for being a continual blessing. May God continue to bless you and your home.


Forming authentic and genuine relationships is hallmark of my brand. As a blogger & content creator dedicated to uplifting others, I’m committed to delivering content that makes a lasting impact. I seek to daily connect with and add value to my online community.

With that in mind, here are a few ways we can work together:

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Don’t see what you had in mind? I am open to other ways we can work together. E-mail me at with a proposal. Looking forward to collaborating!


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