7 Day Reset Course 2: Live in Assurance & Forgiveness


The storms of life can cause us to question if God really loves us. As a person whose been diagnosed with an incurable disease, I know this line of questioning very well. This course, Living in Assurance, is to designed to remind you that no matter what you face, God has a plan to glorify Himself and glorify you through your life experiences. In this course, you will understand what it means for God to glorify you. By the end of the course, you will be able to identify a particular experience in your life where God’s glory was shining on you and duplicate these kind of experiences in the future.

The course also includes a bonus topic of forgiveness. You will discover whether or not you’ve truly forgiven the people who’ve hurt you.



This course features engaging and educational slides, personal reflection questions and a special prayer at the end. You will need a notebook or journal, a pen, and approx. 20 minutes to complete this course. Get the most out of the course by doing it on the corresponding day of the 7 Day Reset Journal!


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