7 Day Reset Course 7: Live out your Purpose


Do you ever find yourself avoiding the book of Revelation? If so, you’re not alone! There are some bizarre, and frankly, frightening images of what will come in the future. Ultimately, though, God and His people win in the end! This course,¬†Live out your purpose, is designed to replace the fear of judgment day with excitement as we look forward to hearing God brag on the marvelous things we did to build his kingdom.

In this course, you will complete a personalized, hands-on activity that illuminates Revelation 20:12. By the end of the course, you will have a guide to follow as you pursue your God-given purpose on earth.



This course features engaging and educational slides, personal reflection questions and a special prayer at the end. You will need one sheet of sturdy paper (like cardstock), a marker or sharpie, and approx. 25 minutes to complete this course. Get the most out of the course by doing it on the corresponding day of the 7 Day Reset Journal!


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