7 Day Reset Course Bundle


Are you feeling a block in your spiritual development? Have life experiences caused you to drift away from God? Are you looking to grow spiritually or be refreshed in your faith walk? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, these courses are just for you!

Whether you’re a new believer or seasoned saint, these courses will shine light on the current state of your spiritual health while providing you with tools for deeper intimacy with our Father. Each course features an education component, an activity, reflection questions, and prayer. These courses can be completed with or without the 7 Day Reset Journal.

For the last 15 years I have devoted myself to prayer, fasting, worship, study of the scriptures and work in the ministry. I currently serve as an assistant pastor at Grace Fellowship Ministries in Tucker, GA.



This bundle includes all 7 of the 7 Day Reset Courses:

Day 1: Live in Truth

Day 2: Live in Assurance & Forgiveness

Day 3: Live in Eternity

Day 4: Live without Fear

Day 5: Live with Fruit

Day 6: Live out Love

Day 7: Live out your Purpose


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