How to Make Coconut Shrimp Curry

Last year I travelled to Baltimore for my best friend’s wedding. I was coming off a bad flare and extra careful about what I ate. Tucked away in a storefront, I found a small, Indian… View Post

How to Make an Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Latte

I know what you’re thinking: tumer-what?! Just hear me out y’all! As the weather changes, we find ourselves craving a warm drink and a cozy blanket, right? Hot chocolate, caramel lattes, eggnog—all classic drinks for… View Post

Anti-inflammatory Cacao & Almond Butter Smoothie

Sugar has been the hardest craving to curb on my healing journey. I started drinking smoothies for breakfast since they’re easier on the digestive system and a great way to eat large amounts of fruits… View Post

Anti-inflammatory Bone Broth Seafood Soup

Because of the chronic inflammation in my gut, I am constantly looking for natural anti-inflammatory remedies. I found this fantastic YouTube video of natural health expert Jordan Rubin boasting about the anti-inflammatory magic of bone… View Post


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